Pilot and Feasibility Studies is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that encompasses all aspects of the design, conduct and reporting of pilot and feasibility studies in biomedicine. The journal publishes research articles that are intended to directly influence future clinical trials, as well as protocols, commentaries and methodology articles. The journal also ensures that the results of all well-conducted, peer-reviewed, pilot and feasibility studies are published, regardless of outcome or significance of findings.

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  • Gillian Lancaster, University of Lancaster


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Gillian Lancaster

Gillian Lancaster
"Piloting new interventions for use in definitive randomised controlled trials and ensuring that the methodological approach taken in the main trial is robust and feasible, are important parts of the development process. Pilot and feasibility studies encompass all aspects of the design process, and whilst this work is crucial to the success of a trial such studies seldom reach publication for a variety of reasons. Having an open access journal dedicated to supporting this type of work is long overdue."

Gillian Lancaster is a Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics at Lancaster University. As Director of the Postgraduate Statistics Centre she oversees the delivery of specialist training in quantitative research methods, and as a statistical collaborator she has been engaged in many multidisciplinary clinical investigations over the past 25 years. She has sat on the Council and been Associate Editor for the Journal Series A: Statistics in Society, of the Royal Statistical Society. Her research scopes many medical and social issues, with a specific interest in methodology for developing Patient Reported Outcome Measures and assessment tools for use on children and young people.
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